Senate Inquiry

  • 8 January 2013
Tom Lynch, Jan McMahon & Karen Batt - Fed Executive

a big 2013 lies ahead with the Senate inquiring into growing job losses and the difficulties state PS employees face in bargaining.

The conditions of employment of state public sector employees and the adequacy of protection of their rights at work as compared with other employees

Terms of Reference

New Federal Secretary

  • 13 December 2012

The Australian Electoral Commission began counting the votes last week and has now declared Karen Batt as the new CPSU SPSF Group Federal Secretary.

The final count was:

Karen BATT            7,864 (45%)
David CAREY        6,653 (38%)
Belinda SUGDEN   2,930 (17%)

Big Society, Brighter Future

  • 13 December 2012

Big Society, Brighter Future, Less Government for All, Four Pillars, Privatisation, Sustainable Government, Better Services

  - What they all have in common

What does David Cameron's 'Big Society', John Key's 'Brighter Future', Stephen Harper's 'Less Government for All', Campbell Newman's 'four pillars', Colin Barnett's privatisation agenda, Barry O'Farrell's and Baillieu's 'Better Services', all have in common.