Major Win for Workers

  • 2 December 2022

The Parliament has voted to pass the crucial Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill.  This is a major step towards ensuring workers can win better pay and more secure jobs – two things that are vital to reducing the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.  The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill will now become the law of the land and start to benefit millions of workers.

This Bill is a significant step towards fixing our broken bargaining system and will provide millions of working people with greater access to bargaining, a system which should be the engine of wage growth in this country.

With the passage of this Bill through the parliament, workers across the country will finally be on an equal playing field with their employers, and able to negotiate pay rises through a system which is fairer and more equitable.

The Bill will also make taking action to close the gender pay gap simpler and more affordable for all working people.

On behalf of the union movement, I want to thank the Albanese Labor Government for their commitment to working people – and also acknowledge and thank the Greens, independent senator David Pocock and independent MPs Monique Ryan, Zoe Daniel, Andrew Wilkie, Bob Katter, Zali Steggall, Kate Chaney, Dai Le, Helen Haines and Sophie Scamps for voting to support working people.

This important and urgent change to Australia’s workplace laws wouldn’t have been possible without action by tens of thousands of union members. Congratulations on contributing to this historic reform and for being a part of our movement.

The Australian union movement has always worked towards big, important and permanent changes that benefit all workers. Time and time again, we’ve proven that change is more than an idea – it is an action we take every day.

That’s why I’m asking all unionists to invitie those who are not yet union members at your work to join almost 2 million union members today – stand with us as a member and be a part of the movement that is creating real, positive change for us all.

You can join CPSU online today

Sally McManus
ACTU Secretary