Secure Jobs Are Worth Fighting For

  • 25 August 2021

Australian workers used to have secure jobs with secure pay but the Federal Government keeps putting big business ahead of workers.  Let's do something, before it's too late - if we don't act now, reliable work will be gone for good. 

Join us and together we can restore job stability for all.

Casual Work

In Australia, there are more than two million workers employed casually. Under the Fair Work Act, you are classified as a casual employee if you accept an offer of employment where there is no firm advance commitment to ongoing work with an agreed pattern of work. Casual workers are entitled to some but not all of the benefits given to permanent workers.

Sources of Employment Rights

Unions have campaigned to win and defend virtually every workplace right that we enjoy today - from the 38-hour work week to superannuation and to paid family and domestic violence leave. Those employment rights come from a number of different legal sources. There are also several different organisations that establish, administer and enforce these rights and standards.

    The National Employment Standards
    Modern Awards
    Enterprise Agreements
    Employment Contracts
    Types of Employment
    Fair Work Commission
    Fair Work Ombudsman