Cost of living is the massive issue

  • 5 May 2022

Wages are going backwards, cost for essentials are skyrocketing, job insecurity is at crisis levels, and corporate profits have increased. And all Scott Morrison says is that it's not his job.  In fact, he's hoping that voters will ignore the fact that both he and the Liberal-Nationals have been missing in action for the past nine years while things have gotten worse.  Working people in Australia needs a prime minister who doesn't go missing when things get tough. We need a government that will take real, concrete steps to help lift wages and address the cost of living crisis.

Our members hold in their hands an incredibly powerful thing – your vote.  And in just over a week, as people across the country head to the polls to cast that vote, we face important choices. 

The institutions that regulate the labour market no longer function properly.

For CPSU members, who bargain under federal industrial relations laws, the important choice is how to help the union respond to cost-of-living pressures and improve wage outcomes within a balanced bargaining system.  Rising prices of everyday items must be addressed by a federal government that is committed to increasing our wages.

CPSU has been creative in finding ways to deliver competitive outcomes despite wage restrictions.  However, there is no real bargaining that occurs under the current workplace laws.  The Fair Work Act is rigged against workers and is one of the reasons that wages growth has been so low, despite a ‘tight’ labour market.

It needs a thorough overhaul.

The upcoming Federal Election is a real choice.  Australian workers deserve a government that will stand up for their interests and fight for wage growth, not one that makes empty promises and sits by while their wages go backwards.

For those contemplating a vote for a candidate other than one from the major parties then please determine your own preference when voting to ensure your preferred candidate is just not channeling your vote by default to Scott Morrison anyway.



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