The Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise - NSW PSA

  • 5 April 2022

The Public Service Association is calling for a minimum raise of 3.6% for all NSW public sector workers, exclusive of superannuation, as part of its Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise campaign.  PSA NSW general secretary Stewart Little recently told Workplace Express that with "inflation running at 3.5%, the arbitrary 2.5% wage cap imposed by the NSW Government is now effectively a wage cut".  Little says the PSA has "fought against the cap since its introduction" and "every option to secure members a meaningful wage, which reflects surging cost of living pressures, is on the table".  Adding that the union is committed to addressing the gender wage gap, Little says its claim includes a "push for super on the unpaid portion of the first 12 months of parental leave to try and address the 47% super gap women have when they retire".

The NSW Government continues to impose an unfair and unjust wages cap on Public Sector workers, despite their essential work providing our state with critical security and support during the catastrophic bushfires, a global pandemic and the worst floods in recorded history.  This unfair wages policy needs to go.