New Direction on Trade

  • 15 October 2018

Federal Labor's Trade spokesperson Jason Clare has introduced a private members’ bill on trade that signals a seismic shift in ALP trade policy.  His bill sets out a new course for trade in our country after years of damaging deals by the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government, which put big business profits ahead of working people.  The ALP’s future trade policy will ensure that employers must hire locally before bringing in temporary workers.  It will ban clauses that let foreign companies sue Australian governments in secret and unfair courts.  And it will safeguard vital public services and our pharmaceutical benefits scheme.  It will also ensure that our governments can support Australian industry and the people who work in it when they make their purchasing and procurement decisions.  It will help stop the flow of dangerous and unsafe goods onto our shores.  The ALP has also committed to voting down any further trade deals that contain such damaging clauses between now and the next federal election.  The ACTU maintains its opposition to the TPP and its enabling legislation.  The ACTU also however welcomes the ALP’s commitment to remove unfair clauses that let business exploit temporary workers instead of hiring locals and let foreign companies sue Australian governments from existing trade deals.